Be on the lookout for these warning signs of divorce

| Nov 16, 2018 | Family Law

Being married is not easy. There needs to be a lot of give and take, sacrifice and emotional support for each other. When a marriage struggles, you have the option of seeking help from a therapist. When this doesn’t work and things continue to go downhill you need to start considering divorce. Be on the lookout for these warning signs of divorce in your marriage.

You’re shut down emotionally.

An emotional shutdown means you no longer care about your spouse’s day, you don’t care to help them through difficult times and you don’t want to hear about their feelings. Strong marriages require emotional and physical intimacy in order to succeed, so an emotional shutdown usually spells the end of a relationship.

Your partner is no longer your priority.

When your partner is no longer a priority in your life it might be time to file for divorce. Now, they don’t need to be your absolute top priority, especially if you have children, but they need to be a priority at some point. You cannot put them on the back burner for your job or your friends.

Lying starts to be an issue.

When lying enters the marriage and it occurs often, you need to consider divorce. Lying should never be an option in any relationship. Even lying regularly with small lies can do a lot of damage.

All the affection has vanished.

If affection has disappeared from your marriage it might be time to consider divorce. Couples need to be affectionate. This includes hugging, kissing, saying “I love you” and more.

Divorce is never easy, even if your marriage has been on the rocks for years. Make sure you know that it is time to end the marriage before talking to your spouse about this decision. Once ready, talk to a divorce attorney about your rights and obligations.




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