Ideas for enjoying visitation day with your kids

| Nov 8, 2018 | Child Custody

As a single, noncustodial parent, you may spend a lot of time alone after your divorce. The silence in your home could be deafening without your children present, which will make the limited visitation time you have with your kids each week that much more important. If you’ve only recently acquired child custody, however, and you’re not accustomed to spending time alone with your kids, you may be wondering how you can make the most of your visitation time.

Here are three excellent activities that every single parent should try:

Go to the zoo

Every child and every adult delight in seeing the animals at the zoo. This is a daylong activity that will stimulate the mind while getting some fresh air and exercise. You and your kids could probably go to the zoo every weekend for a year and never get tired of watching and interacting with the animals there.

Make homemade snacks

Any kind of cooking activity is a great way to teach your children how to prepare tasty food while enjoying quality time together. Snacks are even better because you can send your kids home with a box of snacks that they’ll enjoy throughout the week. They’ll think of you every time they take a bite. Also, the pre-snack preparation of selecting a recipe on the internet and going to the store to buy ingredients is another great way to spend quality time.

Visit a nature reserve

Your children will benefit from spending time outdoors and getting some fresh air moving through their lungs. A nature reserve or natural park will also give you plenty of time to talk with your kids and teach them to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Ultimately, anything you do with your child will be wonderful, so if you have yet to secure your visitation rights, you should make it a priority. Our firm is available to help you review your options to determine the best way to assert your parental rights in court if necessary.




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