The benefits of creating a postnuptial agreement

| Nov 23, 2018 | Divorce

When you finally meet the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life there’s a lot that goes through your mind. What type of ring should you buy? Where will you live? How will you handle the holidays? What about having kids? These are all questions that will soon be answered. One thing, however, that many couples fail to do prior to getting married is to create a prenuptial agreement that will govern their actions if a divorce ever happens.

That’s why there are such things as postnuptial agreements.

Postnuptial agreements are most often created by married couples to resolve arguments and control specific behaviors, such as infidelity and overspending. In regards to infidelity, the postnuptial agreement could outline what will happen if one of the spouses happens to be unfaithful in the marriage.

A postnuptial agreement created by a married couple could also outline significant financial changes. For example, it could discuss what will occur if one of the spouses has their financial situation change after the marriage is official. A financial situation can change due to receipt of an inheritance, unemployment, a promotion, the sale of a business, a change in investment income and more.

Postnuptial agreements can also be used to outline how issues with children will be handled, such as childcare, education and more (although they can’t be used to determine custody). The postnuptial agreement can go as far as outlining which spouse will transport the children to and from school and their activities.

As you can see, creating a postnuptial agreement after you say your vows comes with a lot of benefits. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to protect yourself should your marriage wind up ending in divorce.




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