Custody can change, and your child will adjust

| May 23, 2019 | Child Custody

The custody arrangements you decide on for your child are bound to change in the future. While many parents struggle to come up with an arrangement they’re completely happy with, one thing that can help is realizing that this custody plan isn’t forever.

There are many times when a custody plan may need to change. One is when a child starts school. At that time, you may need to adjust the schedule to account for their school schedule. Another time is when your child begins participating in extracurricular activities or gets a job. In any case, when a major change happens, it’s time to look at your custody plan again.

Children adjust well to changes in their custody arrangements as they age because they get used to traveling between homes. When you first start sharing custody, you may want to sit down with your child and discuss their possessions and traveling, so they know what they should leave at each house and you can know what you should buy duplicates of. For example, a favored teddy bear might travel back and forth, but mom or dad may prefer that the new laptop stays in their home. Having cherished possessions in each home will help your child feel more secure.

Over time, you, your ex-spouse and your child will fall into a rhythm with your custody arrangements, adjusting it and taking care of what your child needs in each home. If you would like help with your custody plan, your attorney can show you different options and how they may impact your child, your work and other factors that are involved in your case.




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