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| Jul 11, 2019 | Child Custody

No one wants to think about custody arrangements when they’re considering divorce. Custody plans almost always result in both parents seeing their children less often, since they have to divide their time between their parents’ homes. Additionally, both parents are likely to need to work, so they’re going to have less time for their children.

Overall, it’s frustrating to think about the impact that a divorce may have on your child. Still, if you think that divorce is the only way forward, then it’s going to take your best efforts to do what is right for your child. That may mean seeing them less often throughout the week or having to rearrange your schedule to accommodate their care.

Why are custody cases so complicated?

Even if both parents agree to split up time with their child or children, it can be a logistical nightmare. Both parents typically need to work, which means that there will be times when they can legitimately not care for their children. There may be times when their child will need to go to day care or to a relative’s home.

There are also times when family dynamics may complicate things, like if there are multiple children who have differing opinions on custody or if one child has special needs or activities that need to be considered. If a judge gets involved in the matter, they may give older kids some say in what happens to them.

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