Military divorces: You are protected

| Jul 19, 2019 | Military Divorce

Most people in the military know that this life is not for everyone. There are times when you may be deployed for months or years at a time, and there are many things to do even when you’re stateside.

Perhaps when you got married, your spouse thought that your being in the military was a great idea. However, over time, the distance has become a problem. There’s nothing you can do to change your present circumstance, so your spouse has suggested filing for divorce. Even though you both still have love for one another, the separation due to deployment is a strain that is too great.

As a service member, you are protected during a divorce

If you are deployed, you’re well-protected against your spouse doing anything that might violate your rights. You can seek a stay or postponement of any administrative or civil proceeding while you’re unable to attend. Additionally, there are protections against default judgments, so that you aren’t automatically ruled against if you can’t appear in court due to your work in the military.

Your family and property may be returned from overseas on the government’s dime

If you are going through a divorce and have assets overseas during a tour of duty, your family members and property can be returned to the U.S. at the government’s expense while you’re still on tour. This is something to discuss with your attorney, so that you do all you can to save money during your divorce and to prevent paying for items to be transported at a later time at your own expense.




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