Military retreats could help reduce divorce

| Aug 1, 2019 | Military Divorce

Most people know that stressful jobs can contribute to divorce, but did you know that some people are addressing this issue through retreats for military families? Updated on July 11, 2019, is a story of families who have been strained with the work the military provides.

In the story, a man, aged 41, who returned from Iraq, struggled to bond with his family. There was a major disconnect between the husband and father he wanted to be and his trouble with anger after the war. He said that he struggled with the violent atmosphere at war in comparison to the innocent children he was meant to help raise.

Updated four years after that initial discussion, the couple admits that they are doing well because they went to a retreat that was focused on getting their marriage back on track. The retreat, funded by Project Sanctuary, was designed for military families in the Rocky Mountains. The idea was to bring the family to a relaxed atmosphere where there was no stress or expectations. Then, they would be able to focus on being with one another.

Retreats like this are an effort to reverse the trend of increasing military divorces. The retreats create a place where the family can once again bond and have fun while also having access to classes and counseling.

Military divorces are usually a last resort, and families can benefit from tools such as retreats like these. However, in some cases, marriages can’t be saved, and that’s when couples need to consider going through a divorce with the help of their attorneys.




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