Judge recused in transgender child custody case in Texas

| Dec 19, 2019 | Child Custody

Parents sometimes disagree about how to raise their children, especially when they are divorced. That’s what has been happening in a case in Texas between two parents who disagree about their child’s claim of being transgender.

On one hand, the child’s father believes that he accepts dressing like a boy when they’re together. The child’s mother claims that her son wants to be referred to as a girl and enjoys dressing as girls do.

The child’s mother sought to alter a joint custody agreement that was already in place if her ex-husband wouldn’t agree to allow their son to dress in traditionally female clothing and to be spoken to as a girl. The child’s father claims that the boy’s mother will attempt to chemically castrate the 7-year-old child, which she refutes.

Previously, the father had filed for sole custody of his twin children, but a jury ruled in the mother’s favor. The joint custody arrangements were maintained, and a gag order was placed on the case.

Now, a new judge is going to be overseeing the case because the child’s mother asked the current judge to be recused after she found that the judge had shared a news story about the case on her official Facebook page. This meant that the judge may not be impartial, which is not allowed in any case.

If you’re involved in a child custody case like this one, be aware that you can ask for a judge to be recused if they are not impartial. Your attorney will do their best to make sure your case is treated fairly because your children’s futures are in the hands of the court.




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