Get the right help while dealing with divorce during deployment

| Mar 27, 2020 | Military Divorce

You’ve been deployed for some time, and you didn’t expect to have to deal with more than is already on your plate. Unfortunately, your spouse at home decided that now is the perfect time for them to file for divorce.

You have months left in your deployment, so how can you handle this situation? The first thing you need to do is to talk to your attorney. The good news there is that your attorney can help you take steps to stop the divorce from proceeding until you’re able to return to the United States (or from deployment, if within the U.S.).

You may not yet be able to gather documents or put together your finances while away, but you can start looking into having people help you. Anything you do have access to can be forwarded to your attorney, like screenshots of your bank account assets or information about your retirement account so that they can begin helping you identify separate and marital assets. You may also want to hire a forensic accountant so that they can go through your mortgage statements, deeds, titles, financial statements and other documents to make sure you know which assets you have in your possession and which assets can be divided upon divorce.

Since you’re away, the part of divorce that is often difficult, separation, won’t be a major part of your life. Be prepared to remain separated when you return home, however, so that you can use your time apart as part of your separation period.

If you have questions, our website has more on what to expect during your military divorce.




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