If you’re deploying, should you make a new custody plan?

| Mar 20, 2020 | Child Custody

You and your spouse have both been in the military your entire relationship. When you decided to have a child, you knew it would be difficult and could add an element of stress to your lives.

After your child was born, you did find that things became hectic, and your spouse seemed to want to be away from everything. Though they weren’t meant to be deployed, they volunteered for deployment. This led to a massive fight and your eventual visit to an attorney.

At that time, you were able to work out a custody schedule easily, and start the divorce process. Once they returned, the divorce was finalized, and you were both able to move on. What you weren’t expecting was that you’d face deployment after that. As a result, you felt that you were leaving your child with someone who is essentially a stranger.

Child custody isn’t always easy in the military

It’s hard to create the perfect child custody plan when both parents are on active duty in the military. While there may be ways to get out of being deployed, which is something you’d need to take up with the military branch you serve with, the reality is that you may also feel the need to go. In those cases, you need to talk to your ex-spouse about a new custody schedule. You may want to have a grandparent take custody on some days or have virtual visitation added in, so you can call or video chat with your child while you’re away.

Your attorney can talk to you about the options if you are going to be deployed. Though this situation is difficult, there are possible solutions.




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