Divorcing after supporting your spouse? Alimony may be possible

| Apr 17, 2020 | Family Law

You worked much of the time during the first few years of your marriage, but after your spouse made it through medical school and was hired on as a surgeon, you were prepared to take a break. You had supported them all this time, covered their schooling fees and worked hard. Now, it is supposed to be your turn to focus on schooling and the career you want to build for yourself.

That doesn’t seem to be going according to plan, though. You found out that your spouse has been seeing someone else, and you are furious. You spent all of your time and money supporting them, and this is what you get in the end.

Fortunately, something you can ask for during your divorce is alimony. Alimony can be extremely beneficial for someone in your position because it allows you to ask your spouse for compensation. That compensation might be anything from money to support you as you return to school or compensation for all the money you spent on their education in hopes of it benefiting you both in the future.

How much alimony should you ask for?

Alimony, and how much you’ll receive, can be calculated based on the state’s current guidelines. However, you and your spouse can also come up with your own arrangements for spousal support. For example, if you covered $5,000 of their schooling and supported them throughout that time, you may ask for assets that cover that amount or suggest that they pay you back that money as alimony.

You could also ask them to help bring your income up to a higher level since you invested in them and expected the outcome to be a better financial outlook in your marriage in the future. Your attorney will discuss your options with you, so you know how much alimony to negotiate for.




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