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Divorce for Texas women who earn more than their spouses

For women who earn more than their husbands, considering a divorce can represent some important financial considerations. There are several factors to take into account, even before the nuptials, when thinking about the monetary implications of the dissolution of a marriage. The division of marital property, business considerations and personal financial accounts may all come into play during divorce proceedings, and proper planning ahead of time can help to prevent problems and protect financial assets. A pre-nuptial agreement, for example, can assist a couple in sorting out the most important pieces of monetary information should the marriage be dissolved. Thinking of a pre-nuptial agreement as a respectful way to settle matters with the least amount of complexity for both parties can help to frame such an agreement in a positive light.

Ensuring financial security during a divorce

Many Texas women who have gone through the contentious process of dividing assets during a divorce wish they had handled things differently during the marriage. Since property division can be a complicated process, especially if one of the spouses handled most of the family's finances, many women report wishing that they had known more about their husband's business, financial situation and other financial assets.In order to maintain their financial independence, some women have considered opening a secret bank account that their husbands may not know about. There are a few pros and cons to consider before establishing such an account, however. One of the advantages is that a woman can maintain control of her financial situation and not be left in a bind should the marriage fall apart. In many cases, one spouse will empty a joint bank account as a retaliative action in the event of a divorce, leaving the other with little to no resources to hire his or her own legal representation. In this situation, it can be empowering to have money set aside that the other partner does not have access to.

Reasons to add real estate appraisers to the legal team

Texas couples going through a divorce have many issues to negotiate in order to reach a settlement. One of the more complicated issues surrounding a divorce is how to divide the marital property, including real estate acquired during the marriage. This process can be especially complicated when the couple owns more than one piece of property,In order to eliminate some of the confusion and ensure that the process is handled fairly, it is common for divorcing couples to seek the services of professional real estate appraisers. Appraisers can pull the comparable properties that have sold in the same market to get a fair market value of the property. However, there are several factors that go into this process, such as uncommon additions to the property, and determining the actual value of a property involved in a divorce can be complex.

Big money is at the heart of one celebrity divorce

Almost every divorcing couple argues over money at some point, and some arguments have more zeros in the numbers than others. Such is the case with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's pending breakup. Kutcher is currently the highest-paid actor in television, earning a reported $24 million per season for "Two and a Half Men." Supposedly, Moore is demanding a larger payout than Kutcher wants to hand over as a condition of ending their May-September marriage.

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