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Interstate Child Custody Lawyers

More and more, co-parenting involves doing so across state lines and in some cases, internationally. This can raise many complex issues, and it is important to seek representation by an experienced family law lawyer to protect your interests and those of your children.

I am Zoe Meigs and my firm, The Law Office of Zoe Meigs, P.C., provides family law representation to clients throughout the Fort Worth, Texas, area. I handle only family law matters and have the knowledge necessary to address the complex concerns in any interstate child custody and visitation case, including:

  • Which court has jurisdiction?
  • Which state has jurisdiction?
  • What if neither parent lives in the state where they were divorced and they are trying to modify custody?
  • What issues are involved with relocation to foreign countries?

Maintaining a meaningful relationship with the children is often my clients’ No.1 concern. I assist my clients on either side of an interstate custody dispute by helping them understand the laws, their options and how to protect their rights.

I work within the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) to pursue the best possible results for my clients.

An Experienced Fort Worth Interstate Child Custody Attorney

To schedule a consultation regarding your interstate child custody matter, call 817-336-2325 or contact me online.

Hear what my Clients say

“Ms. Meigs makes thoughtful recommendations based on research. She is also compassionate and has a real desire to help you through a difficult situation.”