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Modification Lawyer Serving Fort Worth & Tarrant County

Does Your Family Law, Divorce, or Child Custoy Order Need To Be Modified?

Your life may look completely different today than it did when your divorce or child custody order was put into place months or years ago. Your children may have grown up or they may have different needs today compared to when they were younger. Alternatively, you may have a new job or perhaps you remarried. Any of these changes can require modifications to your divorce or child custody order.

Texas law allows modifications to be made to original court orders when material and substantial changes in circumstances have taken place affecting either parent or the child. You not only have the right to ask the court for modifications to be made, you also have the right to resist a modification.

At the Law Office of Zoe Meigs, P.C., I assist people seeking and resisting post-judgment modifications of child custody and visitation, including parents who were never married and have a post-SAPCR (Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship) Order. I represent clients throughout the DFW Metroplex, including the cities of Fort Worth and Arlington.

Do you have a question or concern about changes to a divorce decree or child custody order? Call my firm at 817-336-2325 to arrange your consultation.

When Life Changes, So Can Court Orders

My job as a family law attorney is to help clients create lasting agreements. However, I understand that this isn’t always possible, thanks to life’s changes. People get remarried, find new jobs, lose businesses and relocate to different states. When these changes occur, the original court order still must be followed unless the court has approved a modification that reflects the new conditions.

I represent people who are asking for court orders to be modified because they are no longer suitable, as well as people who are opposed to the proposed changes. The modification cases I handle often involve:

  • Modifications to child custody orders: Moves and relocations can result in changes being made to parenting time arrangements. In some cases, a child’s request to live with the other parent can result in a modification. Modifications may also be required for military families because of deployment or relocations.
  • Modifications to child support orders: Child support modifications may be necessary after a parent experiences a significant increase or decrease in income, either parent gets remarried or has a new child, or the child’s financial needs change significantly.

Call 817-336-2325 or contact a modification lawyer online to set up a consultation. My Fort Worth, Texas, office is located on the eastern edge of downtown Fort Worth. Parking is complimentary, and credit cards are accepted.

Hear what my Clients say

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