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Divorce Mediation Lawyer Serving Fort Worth & Tarrant County

Carefully Working Toward Common Ground

Tarrant County judges expect parties to divorce suits to work with each other to resolve disputes outside of court. Mediation has become a common method of bringing the spouses together, guided by a lawyer who is a mediation professional who helps the parties see their way through obstacles to a fair settlement.

As an experienced divorce lawyer, I have seen couples come to a fair resolution over the most complex issues by using the mediation process effectively.

Divorce mediation is an effective strategy for couples who are willing and able to be flexible in their expectations. Each spouse is typically represented by their own legal counsel, with the mediator explaining how a court may rule on settlement proposals. If a written agreement is reached at the mediation session, parties are legally bound to the terms of the agreement, which must be drafted into a divorce decree and signed by a Judge. Upon “adjudication” the parties are bound to the agreement as a court judgment.

What Does Mediation Entail?

In most cases, mediation consists of one scheduled session of either a half day or full day, depending upon the issues to be worked out. The parties will have access to the mediator throughout the session, to seek advice about court procedures and rulings on similar issues in other divorces as well as to draw on the mediator’s creativity for solutions that may be outside the box of the usual court decisions.

Hire An Experienced Texas Divorce Mediation Attorney

I offer years of experience representing clients through the divorce mediation process. I also offer a competitive fee arrangement, and you will find me knowledgeable and easy to work with throughout the process. Contact my family law office in Fort Worth at 817-336-2325 or send an email to arrange an opportunity to discuss your divorce in greater detail. I will explain the process and help you determine whether mediation is the right strategy for you.

Hear what my Clients say

“Ms. Meigs makes thoughtful recommendations based on research. She is also compassionate and has a real desire to help you through a difficult situation.”