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Spousal Support Lawyer Serving Fort Worth & Tarrant County

Helping You Through the Texas Spousal Support Process

Spousal support after divorce — referred to as spousal maintenance or alimony — is typically one of the most contentious factors in a divorce. Spouses who may have little problem deciding how to share parenting time or divide marital assets often draw the line when it comes to protecting their financial future regarding alimony.

An experienced spousal support lawyer won’t allow the client to waste financial resources to enter a battle that is often based more on emotions than on financial need and legal reality.

As a Fort Worth family law attorney with many years of experience, I recommend strategies that will protect my clients’ rights and financial interests, without the need for costly litigation. Under Texas law, financial maintenance for a spouse is awarded only under very limited conditions and does not allow for either party to “win” at the expense of the other.

If post-divorce spousal support or alimony will be an important component of your pending divorce in Tarrant County or surrounding county in the Fort Worth area, call my office at 817-336-2325 or use the email form to arrange an opportunity to discuss your divorce with me as soon as possible.

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