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If you have limited parenting time, your actions matter

Having custody of your child as a single parent has its benefits and downsides. On one hand, you're able to make the rules in your house. You are the only person your child answers to while they're with you. You can make plans and carry them out.

How can you deal with a troubled child after divorce?

When your kids are in their teens, one of the things that could start happening is that they try to leverage you or their other parent to get the things they want. Whether it's trying to convince you both that they're at the other parent's home for the night while they really go out to a party or just trying to manipulate which home they're in when they might have been in trouble in the other, it's a definite struggle.

Speak with your attorney if you want to seek primary custody

Child custody is a common factor in divorces in Texas. When parents decide that they can't live together anymore, they have to determine how to take care of their children. Some parents nest, which means that they stay in the marital home. Others sell their home and move to apartments, making their children travel back and forth. In some cases, one parent takes on custody and the other gets none, such as in cases of abuse.

You can fight relocation to keep your child close

You love your child, but you and your ex-spouse did not get along as a married couple. As a result, you separated and divorced. You had a good custody schedule, where both of you spent around 50% of the time with your child. Everything seemed good for a while, but now your ex is asking to relocate and take your child with them.

As children age, you may need to change your custody schedule

Child custody modification is something parents don't always want to think about, especially if the initial custody plan was difficult to come up with. Still, as children age and situations change, there may come a time when it's necessary to adjust your custody schedule.

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