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The dilemma of unwed fathers and their parental rights

If you are the biological father of one or more children and your parental rights are being threatened, you might consider taking legal action immediately. In Texas and other areas of the United States, fast action may be the only thing that can save you and your children from a total relationship failure. Why is there a need for such a swift response? Because many people believe biological fathers do not receive the proper due process when their parental rights are terminated.

Minimizing the effects of divorce on children

A family law attorney must face numerous issues that go hand-in-hand with divorce. In most cases, parents in the midst of divorce feel extremely overwhelmed. They may fail to notice important issues such as the effect a divorce may be having on the children. Family law attorneys are skilled at handling the legal aspects of divorce, but they also serve as a source of support to the parents they represent. As such, these attorneys can help their clients sort through many of the issues that may be plaguing the children of divorce.

The unexpected role family law attorneys often fill

When contemplating divorce or other family-centered legal events in the Fort Worth, Texas, area, it is easy to imagine how a family law attorney typically helps. Guidance through divorce proceedings, representation for child custody battles and advocacy during property division matters are some of the most well known roles a family law attorney can fill. However, attorneys who devote their practice to family law also provide support in ways many have never imagined.

The importance of child support

Texas parents may be surprised to learn that, in 2013, states around the country have had to intervene in child support cases for approximately 17 million children. In Texas alone, more than $3.5 billion was distributed to custodial parents in that year the form of child support. However, Texas parents who do not have primary custody of their children reportedly owe more than $11 billion in back payments.

Garnishment options to collect child support

Texas parents who are not receiving their court-ordered child support payments may be interested in some of the options that may be available to them. Since child support is mandatory once ordered, enforcement is available through several sources, including garnishment of some Social Security benefits and income tax refunds.

Applying for a protective order

Domestic violence is a problem in Texas that often goes unreported. According to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, nearly one million women were battered in 2006 alone. However, during the same year, the Texas Department of Public Safety only received 186,868 incident reports about domestic violence.

How Texas judges calculate child support payments

Texas parents who are seeking child support or who may be required to pay child support often have questions about how judges calculate the appropriate amount of support. Though judges will often order support payments based on the children's needs or other factors, most child support orders are based upon the assets and income of the person who will pay support.

Reasons for noncustodial parents in Texas to establish paternity

Paternity is the establishment of legal fatherhood for unmarried, noncustodial fathers. Sometimes they want to get involved in their children's lives but first have to prove that they are biological parents. Other times, mothers wish to seek child support from the alleged fathers but also need proof of paternity. However, there are several additional reasons why paternity is important for noncustodial parents to establish.

Understanding community and separate property

Property division is one of the biggest issues to be resolved in a divorce. Texas is a community property state, but some spouses may not realize that some of their assets could be categorized as separate property. There is a clear difference between the two.

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