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Yes, divorce is scary but you can survive and thrive

One of the most powerful factors that keeps unhappy couples together is fear. It can be very frightening to consider not just dealing with the divorce itself but facing an entire future without your spouse. After all, at least you know what to expect, even if you are both unhappy. To single people or those in blissful marriages, the idea seems preposterous, but fear really can prevent or delay divorce.

Easing the way through a Texas contested divorce

Dissolving a marriage is never exactly easy, but some divorces can be more difficult than others are. A contested divorce is one example of a particularly challenging breakup through the legal system. The reason for the difficulty is the sometimes-unexpected inability of two divorcing spouses to agree on some or all elements of the divorce.

Facebook and social media provide evidence in divorce cases

The personal information about whereabouts, relationships and activities shared on social media plays an increasing role in marital disputes and divorce cases, according to two polls. Some couples in Texas may well be aware of how arguments arise when an old lover's friend request is accepted or evidence of an affair pops up on Facebook because one survey found these disputes to be pervasive.

Renaming beneficiaries after a divorce

When a Texas resident gets married, it is likely that they will name their spouse as their beneficiary should anything happen to them. However, when a person decides to get a divorce, it is important for that person to potentially name someone else as their beneficiary. This change cannot be made during the actual divorce process; the change in designation will have to wait until after the divorce process has been finalized.

The impact of catastrophic illness on divorce rates

Texas residents are likely aware that significant life changes can place enormous stress on even the strongest marriages, and divorce rates often increase sharply during times of economic or social upheaval. A spouse being diagnosed with a catastrophic illness may also place a great deal of strain on a marriage, and researchers from Iowa State University decided to look into how a diagnosis of cancer, lung disease, heart disease or stroke impacted divorce rates among older married couples.

Uncontested divorce in Texas

Although divorce can be difficult and contentious, there are situations in which court activity can be minimized as spouses work toward acceptable solutions in an amicable manner. In such a situation, you may be able to achieve your goals effectively through informal methods. A divorce that has been anticipated or mutually discussed and decided upon may move smoothly through the legal avenues needed to finalize the matter as quickly as possible. In most uncontested cases, court activity such as trials or hearings can be limited or avoided.

Uses for social media in divorce court

Posts on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are commonly used by divorce attorneys in Texas. Evidence collected from a spouse's social media page can help a lawyer prove that a spouse was unfaithful, that he or she has more money than they claim to have or that they were not honest about reasons they didn't spend time with their children. The American Association of Matrimony Lawyers conducted a study in 2010 and found that Facebook is a major source of evidence in two-thirds of divorce cases.

Divorce rate lower than previously assumed

Divorce in Texas and other states may be less prevalent than originally thought, according to recently published data. For some time now, it has been a widespread belief that half of all marriages end in divorce. That may not be true, though. While that number may have been accurate in the 1970s and 1980s, it's no longer the case. Recent data suggests that the trend is actually headed down.

Reasons for filing for divorce

Family law in Texas recognizes several reasons a spouse could ask for a divorce. These legal reasons for ending a marriage are known as grounds for divorce. Spouses must give one of these reasons when petitioning for divorce, even if both parties agree on the decision.

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