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Other Family Law Matters

By focusing my practice entirely on family law, I have grown to understand the laws and local courts very well. In addition to offering clients representation in divorce and child custody matters, I also offer guidance in family law matters involving adoption, prenuptial agreements and same-sex family law.

Providing Valuable Legal Guidance In Adoption Cases

Adoptions in Texas are often very exciting, but they can also be very complex as well. There are specific steps that must be taken under the law to complete a legal adoption, and as an experienced lawyer I can help guide the way.

In more than a decade as a family law attorney, I have helped stepparents legally adopt their stepchildren, grandparents legally adopt their grandchildren and couples find adoptable children. I can provide you with the legal advice you need, no matter what type of adoption you are interested in pursuing.

Guiding You Through Asset Protection And Prenuptial Agreements

Many couples today are entering marriage later in life, after they have acquired property and assets of their own. For that reason, prenuptial agreements are becoming a common way for individuals to protect their earnings.

If you are interested in the protection offered by a prenuptial agreement, or you need help determining if you should enter a prenuptial agreement with your soon-to-be-spouse, I can provide you with helpful legal assistance.

  • Find out more about the legal requirements of prenups, or premarital agreements, here.

Addressing The Unique Needs Of LGBT Family Law Clients

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Texas and every other state in the country, which means that marriages between same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples are treated exactly the same, including when the marriage ends in divorce. However, LGBT individuals and families still have many unique legal needs that must be addressed.

I offer comprehensive legal representation to LGBT family law clients, and by working with me, you can be sure that your rights are protected and that every potential issue has been addressed.

Contact Me Today For Effective Family Law Representation

No matter what family law issue you may be facing, I can help you work toward a positive outcome for you and your family. Call 817-336-2325 or contact me online here to set up a consultation at my Fort Worth, Texas, office, located on the eastern edge of downtown Fort Worth.

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