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Separate Property Tracing

Property tracing is often necessary when evaluating assets during the property division component of divorce and complex, high-asset divorce. In Texas, property owned by spouses is either community property or separate property. When the lines become blurred between money that overlaps into each category, or assets that started as separate property but whose value increased and might be considered community property, having an experienced lawyer is essential.

I am attorney Zoe Meigs and through my experience and skill, I help my clients divide their property during divorce so that they keep as much as they are entitled to keep. I represent clients throughout Fort Worth and beyond in family law matters.

For more than 12 years, I have limited my practice to family law. I know the family court system in the area, the lawyers and judges involved, and I am adept at finding successful resolutions for my clients.

How Does Property Tracing Work?

The first step in tracing separate property is determining whether there is an element of an asset that is separate. If there is, I look for ways to prove it, by tracing the money or asset back to its origination. I develop the paper trail showing the chronological order of where the asset started as separate property.

Property tracing can be useful when dealing with assets such as:

  • Inheritances and significant gifts
  • Homes owned prior to the marriage
  • Business assets when the business or its assets were owned prior to the marriage

Property tracing can be helpful in two property division scenarios: First, when a client believes certain property is separate in nature and he or she wants to maintain that distinction. Second, when a client believes that the other spouse may be hiding assets. In either of these cases, my approach to property tracing is highly effective and protects my clients’ assets and interests.

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